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About Valen Light
Valen Light is a US based company located in Austin Texas, which was established in 2008 along with a sister company in Sydney, Australia to design and manufacture high quality Outdoor & Industrial lighting systems. Valen Light has developed a range of powerful luminaires with heavy emphasis on optics, thermal management, power management and smart control integration.

Valen Light also has a division dedicated to providing off grid plug and play solar power systems for lighting and many other applications. These systems can be installed in any geographical and are engineered to be immune to the harshest of conditions.

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Mission Statement
Valen Light is dedicated to producing peerless products through the use of quality materials, sound engineering and manufacturing principles. With offices in North America, Australia and an office to open in Germany (Q4, 2015), Valen Light draws on a diverse group of employees and partners to produce products with a distinct edge in the global market place.

Valen Light has integrated teams in R&D, manufacturing, operations and management allowing the strategic functions of Valen Light to improve not only product performance and evolution, but strive to grow employee strengths and share business growth and success with its global community teams.

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Head Office – North America
Our Head Office is located in Austin Texas, which is now being referred to as the second Silicone Valley. Here, tech and grass root manufacturing is being sort after by customers globally through innovative platforms offered by the state of Texas.  This allows manufacturing of an American product and company for both domestic sales and the export market.

Corporate Office – Australasia
Many directors of Valen Light come from Australia. We have an office in Sydney, Australia with plans to manufacture in Australia in the first quarter 2016.

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As a private company, we welcome any investor queries or requests. Valen Light is expanding rapidly, and with this growth come more ideas and aspirations to maintain top of the class in this industry sector.

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Contact us for media releases from previous years

Q1 2015 – VERTAIC SERIES announced
Off the success of the eSHINE bollard vertical integrated solar panels, we have introduced the next generation of solar lighting systems: vERTAIC (vertical Photovoltaic) series.

vERTAIC has taken things a step further with glassless solar panels, protecting against vandalism and improving community safety, extreme temperature gel batteries for equatorial and polar regions, a 100% recyclable aluminum pole system making these products light weight and easy to install, together with advanced optical control of light allow these lamps to out perform any rival in performance and function.

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With Valen Light, Grow Your Career Towards Excellence.
Valen Light is an excellent, smart, energy solutions provider committed to promoting reduced energy through LED lighting and clean solar energy application around the world. We share our core values with employees, partners, and shareholders.

At Valen Light, we respect intelligence, we reward achievement, we encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience, and we support creativity and innovation. Valen Light offer’s opportunity and challenge, we define the road map and path to success, and we demand adherence to international standards and high-quality work.

Be an Innovator
We are the leading pioneer lighting and power company. Great opportunities abound. Build your portfolio while working on society’s most pressing issues, which are at the top of our strategic agenda, ranging from energy production to climate change.

Work-life Balance
Professional success goes hand-in-hand with personal satisfaction. At Valen Light, people can achieve success in their careers while maintaining a balance that supports their personal relationships outside work.

Pay and Benefits
We provide a competitive compensation and benefits package for our employees and their families. Our total compensation and benefits package is designed to attract, retain, and reward our employees.

Towards Excellence
Valen Light’s values serve as the foundation of our culture and brand, and ensure that we deliver innovations that matter for our company and the world.

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