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Steel Poles

eSHINE Steel

Steel Poles

The eSHINE Solar lighting poles have been structurally rated to meet Australian standards and includes Cyclone category wind speeds.

Aesthetically pleasing with all Batteries, Drivers and Electronic components located conveniently in the Square base section


Advantages of the eSHINE Pole system

  • Aesthetically pleasing with Square top section, Square base section and Square light arm
  • Galvanised finish with powder coating available upon request
  • Lockable base section
  • Batteries, Control board and drivers Located in the base section ( no cherry pickers required for service )
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Up to 650 watts of solar panels can be hooked up to these poles
  • Available in 3 meters ( 10ft ), 5 meters ( 15FT ), 6 meters ( 20ft ), 7.5 meters ( 25 ft ) and 9 meters ( 30 ft ) Custom options also available
  • High lumen output Solar pole

eshine pole range