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22 to 62 WATTS – Solar – Power Station

vERTAIC Power Station

22 to 62 WATTS

The vERTAIC 22 to 62 watt solar power station is the vertaic 4-16’s big brother with enough power to handle up to 62 watts depending on your applications wattage and run time. With the utilisation of streamlined cutting edge glassless solar panels mounted vertically into an anodised aluminium pole this product is always a welcome addition to any outdoor area. This high power solar charging station has been built to power up high end communications, Larger WIFI hotspots, parking boom gates, laptop charging, parking paybooths, fairs and carnivals, large advertising, water pumping, air pumps, wildlife park camp grounds, CCTV and security systems etc. Simply select the wattage range you require and the vertaic vertical intergrated solar column will take care of your every power requirement